You Are Here Now

Eivind Natvig

Eivind H. Natvig spent 2011-2012 in a state of self-imposed homelessness staying with friends and strangers across the country; this and a variety of journeys from 2008-2013 make up the material of his series You Are Here Now.

This is another Norway. Not the traditional beauty of fjords and spring-images of blonde girls. Clichés. This is the beauty of everyday life and dull realities. Something hard to define. It’s an outsider’s view, like window shopping. Frames stolen from a movie about Norway that’s never been made. If you take a look and freeze it, there is a lot of beauty there. It’s full of things so normal that they’ve become invisible to us as individuals, as a culture. It is about the little things. To stop, look and engage with your surroundings. Absorb what you see, the place you are. You Are Here. Present.

What I show is my Norway. I hope that we can learn to see. See the obvious, details, excerpts. Not just the bold letters at the news stand. But our own time’s complex simplicity. Old nostalgic black and white images from our time, in colours and emotions.

This is a dive into the exotic world of everyday. These are the views of an insider, an introverted view of the known, but a foreigner’s account of his homeland after years of travelling in other continents and cultures. It is about a wonderful exotic and strange society, even for a Norwegian.

Eivind Natvig You Are Here Now #12

[My sources of inspiration] begin with Lars Tunbjörk. It was after a long stretch in South Asia that I returned to Norway and was immersed in his universe of mundane moments. The book was Vinter and it unlocked the magic of the everyday. The insignificant moments. Within days of digesting this I sat in my car and went exploring. A short playful week resulted in images which are included in the book. Tunbjörk’s world stayed with me during the years as I travelled thousands of kilometres through Norway – his keen eye and the freedom of not showing what the world looks like, but using the power of photography to share how one perceives the world.

The most important inspiration has been the encounters of hundred of random people across the country – specks of their knowledge rubbing off on me and infecting my work and life. These people have shared and given generously of themselves.

On paper Eivind H. Natvig was the epitome of the young, up-and-coming photojournalist; he spent years traveling all over the world. His photographs were revered far beyond the Norwegian borders. He photographed people making their mark on the landscape as well as being part of it–people at work and play, wealthy people, poor people.

He shows Norway as both an exotic and strange place, but at the same time somewhere mundane and trivial. The images have something both for the enthusiastic tourist and the native suffering from wanderlust. The images are full of juxtapositions – they refuse to make a stand or to take sides. But then again, it might not be a question of taking sides.

 Natvig currently divides his time between working on long-term projects and a life in the mountains and on the ocean.

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