Nick Ballon’s Ekeko goes on show in Bolivia

The exhibition is on at CAF development bank in La Paz for a month from 24 January, to coincide with the annual Alasitas Festival

Ekeko brings together several years of work on Bolivia from photographer Nick Ballón, including images from his series El Alto, featured on nineteensixtyeight. Exhibition text was contributed by nineteensixtyeight editor Elizabeth Breiner.

In Ekeko, drawing upon his Bolivian roots and close ties to the region, Nick Ballón examines the complex cultural inheritance of El Alto’s indigenous Andean people through the material objects of their aspirational self-expression. At the center of this visual study is the centuries-old Alasitas festival and its poncho-clad patron, Ekeko, the Aymara god of abundance and fortune to whom miniature incarnations of buyers’ desires for the coming year are annually proffered.

The exhibition has been curated by Cecelia Lampo, and timed to coincide with the Alasitas Festival, which takes place in La Paz every year.


Ekeko will be on at CAF, La Paz from 24 January to 24 February 2018.

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