Lauren Heinz
Lauren Heinz is an editor, curator and researcher with nearly a decade of experience in the UK photography industry. She served as senior editor for the British Journal of Photography and as editor and company director of Foto8 for many years. She has guest curated a diverse programme of exhibitions for a range of international photography festivals and has worked with top artists and institutions. Lauren is the former editor of nineteensixtyeight and an external contributor.


Six Hours

Six Hours Tatiana Gulenkina Words by Lauren Heinz Photography by Tatiana Gulenkina Slowly melting slabs of ice are the physical subjects of Tatiana Gulenkina’s project titled Six Hours, a reference to the amount of time it took her to take one photograph. The colours and textures of the images represent more than just photographic experiments, [...]


Heritage Marie Hudelot Interview by Lauren Heinz Translated by Corali Houlton Photographs by Marie Hudelot Marie Hudelot tells Lauren Heinz about using caricature to explore her biracial French-Algerian identity, experimenting with dress and cultural props to illustrate the sometimes humorous, sometimes painful experience of growing up straddling two worlds. What was your inspiration for the Heritage series? For this series I was largely inspired [...]