After spending a number of years abroad, Irene returned to her home country of Italy, settling in Lucca. She currently works as the blog editor for Massimo Vitali, and is co-founder of S.O.F.A., Shared Office For the Arts, a non-profit organization founded in 2016 that aims to build a dialogue between arts and other creative and production sectors. She writes regularly for the French magazine Mouvement and occasionally for Marges, Papier Machine (BE) and Artribune (IT).


The Presence of Absence

Ostankino Palace III, MoscowMoscowMassimo Listri Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist Buy The Presence of Absence: Massimo Listri and the Intimacy of Architecture Photographs by Massimo Listri Text by Irene Panzani The absence of any human presence enhances the slight uneasiness the viewer feels when confronted with his multiple picture planes. This infinity of depths [...]