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Impression Justin Bartels Photographs by Justin Bartels Justin Bartels is a photographer and videographer working in San Diego, California. He graduated from Art Centre College of Design and the California State University of San Marcos. He specialises in commercial sport and fashion photography, taking commissions whilst working on his own personal projects, such as Impression, [...]

Unintended Homecoming

Unintended Homecoming Hai Zhang Words and photographs by Hai Zhang In the beginning, I was hoping I could use photography to help myself, and others, grasp the complexities of a country that I had been absent from in the past decade, and to get a sense of what it means to be Chinese today. But [...]

You Are Here Now

You Are Here Now Eivind Natvig Eivind H. Natvig spent 2011-2012 in a state of self-imposed homelessness staying with friends and strangers across the country; this and a variety of journeys from 2008-2013 make up the material of his series You Are Here Now. You Are Here Now #13You Are Here NowEivind Natvig £700.00–£4,000.00 £700.00 [...]

Midnight Milk

Midnight Milk Marie Sjøvold Words and photographs by Marie Sjøvold I work with photography and video installation to explore themes such as home, time, identity and reality in order to understand what these concepts mean at different stages of life. My work transgresses boundaries between genres in a playful and intimate approach to important issues. [...]

Hold On

Hold On Martina Giammaria Photography by Martina Giammaria Martina Giammaria is an Italian photographer based in Milan. Her work contemplates the surreal and desirable. She likes to place her viewers in ‘a condition of uncertainty’ as she photographs ubiquitous everyday objects in a visually challenging way. Martina is co-founder and curator of blog Untitled Girlfriend. [...]


And Nevertheless...Shiver at TwilightMarie Sjøvold £1,500.00 £1,500.00 Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist Buy   I see myself in the shadows of a leaf compressed to the green blades growing to a point like the shards of miles of mirrors falling and cracking to perfect gardens. I never inspect the withered assumption of my face’s [...]