We offer a range of mentorship services for photographers at all stages in their career. Applicants should be serious, professional photographers with at least one established body of work; we reserve the right to decline applicants who do not meet these criteria or who we do not feel would benefit from our services. Please see below for the current options available and feel free to get in touch with any related queries.


Professional photographers at any level are welcome to apply for a nineteensixtyeight consultation, though we reserve the right to decline applicants if we do not feel that our services will benefit them.

Consultations can be purchased either as individual sessions, or as part of a multi-session package, which can be conducted over Skype, as written reviews, or in person on the occasion of certain special events (see News for any upcoming nineteensixtyeight events).

Based on an photographer’s particular needs, he or she will be assigned to individual sessions with one of nineteensixtyeight’s co-founders, Isabella Brancolini or Elizabeth Breiner. When a package of three sessions is purchased, the sessions will typically consist of one session with Lizzie, one with Isabella, and one with both.

What type of mentorship do we offer?

  • Assistance on edits and sequencing, generally or for a particular purpose
  • Portfolio review of a particular set of work
  • Help in creation and cultivation of a cohesive body of work
  • Advice on conceptual oversight and direction
  • Cultivating an artistic identity and balancing artistic and commercial work
  • Online presentation and promotion (social media, website, etc.)
  • Market assessment (discussion of prices, editioning, positioning)
  • Market overview (understanding of market and different marketplaces, art fairs, festivals, galleries, etc.)

When getting in touch to request a consultation or set of sessions, please specify which specific service(s) you require, in addition to providing a link to the body or bodies of work in question and an up-to-date personal bio.


All consultation sessions must be purchased in advance. We will aim to get back to applicants within 48 hours to confirm or follow up with any questions we might have. Artists will be invoiced via PayPal once accepted, and once payment has been received we will get in touch with potential dates. Should we not be able to find a suitable time for both parties within two months’ time, the applicant may request a refund.

Each consultation lasts one hour.

Single session consultations will focus on 1-2 of the mentorship services listed above and cost £75.00.

Single market-focused sessions cost £150.00. You can only apply for this session if you have already completed an initial nineteensixtyeight consultation session.

Three session mentorship packages cost £425.00, and include an overview of all above mentorship services.

Cancellation policy

Participants must give 48 hours’ notice to cancel a scheduled consultation. Within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment, consultation sessions are non-refundable.


Representation on nineteensixtyeight is application-only. We will only accept those artists we feel have a body of work that is at a certain stage of completion.

This scheme is ongoing, and may be implemented over the course of several months to a year.

When applying, please include a full CV, a link to the body or bodies of work in question, and any relevant texts and press. If possible, please be as precise as possible about the services you require, any ongoing initiatives you might be involved in, and any representation you currently have or have had previously.

For those applicants that are accepted, there will be a flat fee for joining the platform. We will supply a comprehensive rundown of the services to which you will be entitled as a represented artist, and you can choose at this time whether or not you wish to proceed.

If you have any questions not answered here, please write us at:


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