nineteensixtyeight is a curated platform dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of contemporary photography, an innovative space that transcends the static confines of a magazine or gallery, offering unique depth and dynamism in the presentation of collectible works.

The revolutionary year from which the name originates was emblematic of a world in flux, characterized by a palpable tension between destruction and creation, conflict and solidarity. Photography was setting global events in motion just as those events were in turn influencing the visual language of the times.

In the spirit of the era, nineteensixtyeight strives to bring contemporary and historical issues into focus through evocative combinations of image and text, challenging traditional conceptions of narrativity and acknowledging that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, the story a photograph tells is never singular.

Each section of the platform is distinctive in its approach to the material, featuring the work of artists and writers who are pushing the boundaries of established genres, and providing original insights into the works and their greater contexts.


Projects considers a body of work or combination of works by a represented artist, combining written analysis, interviews and inspirational material from the artist.

Reports examines wide-ranging historical, cultural, and sociological phenomena, drawing particular inspiration from the conflicts and questions that defined the historical moment of the late ‘60s onwards.

Archive will showcase work from past practitioners, lending an exclusive glimpse into worlds no longer standing.

Show & Tell represents a unique dialogue between images and other media, allowing for the infinite reframing and re-captioning of existing imagery.


Every image featured within the various sections of the platform is available for purchase through the site. nineteensixtyeight provides collectors, both beginning and established, with new means of engaging with our photographs through the site’s dynamic and ever-expanding pages.

The act of buying art should be driven by more than what is fashionable; the historical relevance and symbolic value of photographs evolves with the passage of time, making the best investment one that speaks to you personally. We encourage you to purchase according to your tastes navigating through the wide selection of work carefully selected and vetted to ensure the quality of your choice.

The site uses an e-commerce system for transactions and delivery. However, users are also welcome to get in touch directly to enquire about listed works or arrange a bespoke purchase.


Special offers on unique editions are available to basic members of nineteensixtyeight. By signing up to the nineteensixtyeight newsletter, you will automatically be informed first about special and limited time offers.

Privée membership is invite-only for existing clients, and grants access to an exclusive section of the site.


Art advisory

Contact us directly for a free consultation and personalized art advice from our team of experts. We will provide you with carefully considered suggestions based on your interests, existing collection, style, space, and as many other factors as you are able to provide.

All advisory will be overseen by Isabella Brancolini, founder of nineteensixtyeight. Isabella has over 15 years’ experience as an art consultant, and has contributed to the creation of numerous private and corporate collections.

Get in touch for a free consultation.


Curatorial & written commissions

In addition to art advisory, we provide exhibition curation services, from consultations to full oversight. Our team has extensive curatorial experience, and has worked with top international institutions; we can advise on presentation, technical components, written analysis, accompanying material, and much more.

We undertake written commissions from artists and institutions in need of analytical guidance and intelligent text to accompany individual bodies of work, events, and exhibitions.

Our team can also assist with ‘curated’ marketing campaigns (web, email, social media) catered to your organization.


Isabella Brancolini is the founder of nineteensixtyeight. She has founded prominent contemporary art galleries, and curated a diverse program of exhibitions in both private and public venues. For over two decades, she has established a strong presence in the international art market, participating in major art fairs, collaborating with top museums and institutions, publishing artists’ books and portfolios, and advising private and corporate collections.

Elizabeth Breiner is the editor of nineteensixtyeight. She is a writer and critic with a specialization in modern literature and photographic history, and a Master’s degree from University College London’s Issues in Modern Culture program. She has worked previously for the London Festival of Photography, as editor of photography platform Fotoura, and as deputy editor of the London Photography Diary.

We collaborate with a wide range of contributors from different media sectors. A full list of our external contributors will be available here soon.

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